Winter School on Applied Modelling

About WSAM (Winter School on Applied Modelling)

The main agenda of the Winter School on Applied Modelling, and the main difference from other conventional meetings, is that it focuses on a new type of subsurface diagnostics.

A new era of subsurface diagnostics.
An era of sophisticated, and highly useful mathematical models delivered through powerful software.

As far back as 50 years ago, the industry had already designed tools that could make direct measurements. Traditionally, a tool used to be developed and deployed down hole to acquire data and put them on the table for further analysis. The depth of this analysis then depended on the ability to accurately model reality.

Whatever is possible through direct measurements alone, has already been done. However, there are still some questions left unanswered. At WSAM, we want to initiate dialogue beyond what has been done and to discuss what the industry actually needs. We believe that mathematical modelling can really enhance hardware sensor data. By collecting complex sets of direct measurements and coupling them with equally complex mathematical modelling, we can get a more comprehensive understanding of processes in the well and the reservoir.

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