WSAM IV, 19 Jan – 20 Jan, 2012, Dubai, UAE

Second Circular WSAM-2012

The 4th Winter School in Applied Mathematics (WSAM) was held in Dubai (UAE) 19-20 January 2012 to continue the series of international conferences in applied mathematics organised by TGT Oil and Gas Services. The first WSAM was held in Muscat (Oman) in 2006 to initiate international discussions on today’s challenges for mathematical techniques in oil and gas production. The WSAM 2012 predictably proved to be a valuable link in this chain of presentations and discussions that covered a wide range of scientific problems and supported a lively exchange of opinions between researchers and oil majors.

Dr. Arthur Aslanyan of TGT Oil and Gas Services delivering his opening presentation

The WSAM 2012 was opened by Dr. Arthur Aslanyan, Head of TGT Oil and Gas Services, who outlined oil and gas services offered by the company to the oil and gas industry and emphasised the importance of developing international cooperation in this field.

Mr. Saad Bargach, Managing Director of Lime Rock Partners (USA), focused his welcome speech on the role played by high-tech innovations in oil production. Dr. Jamal Bargouti delivered a breathtaking presentation about Dubai, the fastest growing city of the world where the impossible is possible. Professor Andrey Salamatin of Kazan Federal University (Russia), TGT’s leading expert in temperature studies,made another inspiring complimentary speech to close the welcoming part of the conference.

Mr. Saad Bargach (Lime Rock Partners, USA)

Dr. Jamal Bargouti (TGT Oil & Gas Services, UAE)

The tone and atmosphere of the conference were largely set by Nikolay Neprimerov – Professor of Kazan Federal University, one of greatest oil experts with 60 years of oilfield development experience and the founder of the TGT Oil and Gas Services. Prof. Neprimerov shared some pieces of his life-long experience with the audience and revealed common mistakes that impeded oil and gas production, putting special emphasis on using state-of-the-art physical and mathematical techniques as the only way to efficiently maintain and improve hydrocarbon production.

Prof. Nikolay Neprimerov greeting the audience

WSAM 2012 served as an arena for presenting various research topics and covered numerous aspects of applied mathematics in oil and gas production through excellent contributions by more than 50 participants from UAE, USA, Russia, UK and other countries including researchers and experts of leading universities and major oil companies. Twenty technical presentations were made during two days of the conference on stage but discussions and exchange of opinions continued far and wide behind the scenes.

Plenary session

Prof. Ravil Nigmatullin of KFU (Russia) with his presentation “How to See a Melody of a Randomness”

Prof. Andrey Salamatin of KFU (Russia) talking about New Approaches Based on Long-Term Research and Field Experience

Intense listening: the audience makes the conference
Technical discussions in between sessions

Prof. Airat Ramazanov of Ufa State University (Russia) and Prof. Andrey Salamatinof Kazan Federal University and TGT Prime (Russia) in a discussion of the latest achievements in temperature simulations

Board members of TGT Oil and Gas Services and participants of the WSAM 2012

To the delight of the participants, the closing of WSAM 2012 was followed by a boat tour of Dubai Marina offering magnificent views to Dubai at night.
The conference proceedings will be published in the Georesources Journal of Science.