19 January 2012
Opening session
09.00–09.10Dr. Arthur Aslanyan, Managing Director, TGT HQ, UAE
09.10–09.20Mr. Saad Bargach, Managing Director, Lime Rock Partners, USA
09.20–09.30Dr. Jamal Barghouti, Consultant, TGT HQ, UAE
09.30–09.40Dr. Andrey Salamatin, Professor of Kazan State University, Russia
09.40–09.50Dr. Nikolay Neprimerov, Professor of Kazan State University, Russia
09.50–10.00Coffee break
Main session
10.00–11.00Dr. Arthur Aslanyan: TGT R&D Programme
11.00–12.00Prof. Andrey Salamatin: New Approaches Based on Long-Term Research and Field Experience. Temperature and Hydrodynamic Simulators
12.00–13.30Lunch (all participants are welcome for buffet)
13.30–14.30Prof. Ravil Nigmatullin: Non-Orthogonal Amplitude-Frequency Analysis of Smoothed Signals: How to See a Melody of “a Randomness”
14.30–15.30Dr. Andrey Arbuzov: Time-Domain Resistivity
15.30–15.45Coffee break
15.45–16.30Dmitry Davydov: Time-domain Sigma Data Analysis
16.30–17.00Dr. Andrey Savinkov: Spectral Noise Log Data Processing
17.00–17.15Coffee break
17.15–20.15Tour of Dubai
20 January 2012
09.00–09.30Dr. Vasiliy Shelkov: Flow Simulator tNavigator 2012: New Features
09.30–10.00Vladislav Sudakov: Full-Field Flow Modelling Based on Reservoir-Oriented Production Logging
10.00–10.30Yuliya Evseeva: Numerical Pressure Transient Simulations
10.30–10.45Coffee break
10.45–11.20Elena Toropova: Numerical Simulation of a Multiphase Producer
11.20–12.00Dmitry Ivanov: Temperature and noise logging in reservoir flow modeling
12.00–13.30Lunch (all participants are welcome for buffet)
13.30–14.00Dr. Irina Aslanyan: Formation Pressure and Productivity from Dual-Rate Spectral Noise Logging and Temperature Simulations
14.00–15.00Dr. Arthur Aslanyan: Open-Hole Log Data Interpretation
15.00–15.30Yuliya Maslennikova: Permeability Prediction with Artificial Neural Network Modelling
15.30–15.45Coffee break
15.45–16.15Dr. Sergey Shatalin: In-well Fibre Optic Distributed Temperature and Acoustic Sensor
16.15–17.00Dr. Jamal Barghouti: How to Make Friends and Good Business in a Culture Jungle
17.00–17.15Coffee break
17.15–18.00Dr. Arthur Aslanyan: Conference summary