WSAM V, 27-29 Jan, 2013, Dubai, UAE Third Circular WSAM V

From 27 to 29 January 2013, Dubai was the venue for the fifth Winter School in Applied Modelling that has already become a good and important tradition of featuring applications of mathematical modelling to surveying oil and gas wells and fields.

For the fifth time, TGT Oil and Gas Services gathered leading scientists and petroleum experts for a meeting in the Almas Tower, one of the most beautiful buildings in Dubai. The event covered the same subjects as the previous one, but its programme and the range of challenging problems were extended.

This year, about 80 experts from six countries including UAE, Russia, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia attended the conference to listen to more than 25 presentations.

The speakers of WSAM 2013 drew the attention of experts from ADCO, ZADCO, ADMA, Petronas Carigali and some other companies whose interest and involvement generated numerous questions to the speakers’ lively discussions and experience sharing.
The conference was also an opportunity for the TGT personnel from various offices to meet together for the first time or just once again enjoy a friendly atmosphere with colleagues.

WSAM 2013 was opened by its mastermind, TGT’s Technical Director Arthur Aslanyan, who gave a summary of the company’s current activities and future trends in its development that was followed by a chain of presentations. The three days of the conference gave the floor to all its participants to present their projects, technologies or game-changing research techniques, ask questions and receive answers and comments.

The discussions that followed the presentations were so intense those they went unintermittedly and continued far and wide in informal settings during breaks, almost always with the participation of Arthur Aslanyan.Notably, not only listeners got answers to their questions but also researchers and engineers received advice from academia and direct clients.Some speakers presented intermediate results and thus gave serious food for thought to all interested listeners.WSAM 2013 was wrapped up by Arthur Aslanyan who thanked the participants, summarised the results and outlined development scenarios for the nearest future.

Visit our website regularly for updates on the 6th Winter School in Applied Modelling to be held in early 2014.